The English Of The Teens

  • Have you ever really listened to young people conversing and wondered if they were speaking in the same tongue you were used to? If you want to make some sense of the colloquial conversation of many of today’s youth then Word Up will give you an in. This site is basically a living dictionary, drawing on user input to record the words. The Resources section contains a great pdf looking at the most common of these words along with a neat discussion of how communication is constantly changing.

    The ongoing research project is an initiative of McCrindle Research.

    For a glimpse of what UK teens are doing the Teenglish article from the Mail Online and the Pimp Your Vocab Quiz lists some of the terms from Pimp Your Vocab by Lucy Tobin.

TeenglishTeenglish from Wordup

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One Response to The English Of The Teens

  1. Erlinda says:

    Nice! I use another site similar to keep up on the latest lingo. It’s called Urban Dictionary. You can find the latest pop culture and slang references there. You can even have featured words emailed to you daily. It’s listed here under TeachHUB’s teacher recommended websites:

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