Socialnomics: A Real Trend Or Just Another Video Statistic

The video below has only been around for a few days but I wonder how soon it will be before an education bureaucrat will be using it to once again persuade the masses about the need to enter the great unknown of social networking. Whether such an idea in itself is the best way to approach the situation is open to question. Are we to engage in social networking interactions within the classroom just because all the stats suggest students will use such interactions in their everyday or workday life? Maybe the video is just a clever marketing tool by someone wanting to leverage social networking to sell his book? Have I become an unwitting part of such a retail strategy or are we indeed falling victim of the economics of social networking?? Maybe it just makes for interesting consideration of how things continue to change.

Check out the video for yourself but then at least head on over to Eric Qualman’s blog to see where he got the stats from to make the video and maybe even join in the comments stream conversation. Also take the time to check out Vincenzo Cosenza’s World Map of Social Networks that Qualman also references in another post on his blog.

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