Self Serving Self Promotion?

Apologies in advance for the content of this post as I usually try to avoid what my mother used to call “blowing my own trumpet” however this time I hope you will permit me a little indulgence. Somewhere around this time 12 months ago a little book that a colleague and I had laboured long and hard over was finally released. Since then Technology Toolkit: An Introduction To Web 2.0 has done quite nicely.

According to our publisher the first print run of 1500 copies has basically sold out and a reprint has begun. This I’m told is not all that common in Australian education publishing so I guess is worthy of note. Along the way too, a couple of folk have been kind enough to reflect on the book including recently John Connell, an interview with the EdTech Crew and Gary Barker in his Green Guide column in The Age newspaper.

When I was first approached to start writing the book I actually demurred suggesting that as the content would change so quickly, a static print version was not  as appropriate as say an online iteration. As the publisher only dealt in books and as she is quite persuasive I was finally talked into compiling my practices into a book form and so the book was written.

Looking back over the 12 months it is interesting to see how the Web 2.0 landscape has changed. Perhaps the most significant change has been in the range of tools and enhancements that teachers can select from, Tech Toolkit has no mention of Twitter, Ning or many of the tools many of us take for granted. Despite this rapid expansion of options, anecdotal evidence suggests the majority of teachers and schools are still coming to terms with the very basics of blogs and wikis let alone considering enhancements or dare I say it pedagogy.

If you are interested in the book you can check out this flyer/order form, (though if you are looking to order a copy using this form I need to let you know that I will be overseas from the 19th of June for five weeks so I won’t be able to fill the order till late July :)). Alternatively you can also order a copy from Edsoft. By way of a complete disclosure from the $59.95 cost of the book I get $2.50 royalty so the retirement will have to go on hold for a bit longer, (if you order through me I get an additional $5).

Tehcnology Toolkit: An Introduction To Web 2.0

Tehcnology Toolkit: An Introduction To Web 2.0

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One Response to Self Serving Self Promotion?

  1. Darrel says:

    Hello John,
    Well done on the book and thanks for the great interview with the Ed Tech Crew.
    The full link for the interview is:
    Apologies for the spelling of ‘Pearce’, it seems that our wordpress messed it up!

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