25 Tools From Jane Hart

One of the really invigorating yet often paradoxically annoying aspects of the current state of play in regard to Web 2.0 is the seemingly endless proliferation of tools that are becoming available. As noted in a previous post, some of these spaces are also disappearingĀ  as with FURL and latterly Flowgram.

Whilst it’s not too difficult to find information about startups, Mashable and Go2Web20 are two that come to mind, very often these are general listings not specific to education. Jane Hart from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies regularly polls selected readers for their suggestions of their favorite tools. In the case of the 2009 list Jane has aggregated the top recommendations and organised them under 25 headings into the following Slideshare Presentation. Most if not all will be familiar to readers of this blog but the Slideshare presentation might prove a useful reference point for awareness raising with other teachers.

Of more interest perhaps is the link on the final slide which links to Jane’s Top 100 Tools. Here you not only get to see an expanded list of tools but can track the relative movement of each tool on the list over the past three years. For those interested in delving even deeper, on the 25 Tools page you can also access links to a whole further range of tools under each of Jane’s 25 categories. Mind-boggling really and yet most of us know teachers who still have little knowledge or conception of the most basic of these tools.

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