Presenting Colleagues

Things have been a bit quiet of late as far as posts go but that is because I have been just a tad distracted. It seems that sometimes things come in waves and so it was that over the last month or so I have been involved in a couple of conferences which of course has meant new presentations. This time I had the pleasure of presenting with a couple of colleagues from my old school, Rick and Suz. The sessions were respectively

More_Than_Blogs More_Than_Flip

Both can be found, (along with a number of other presentations), under the Online Presentations tab at the top of this page.

One of the real pleasures in doing these joint presentations is not only celebrating the work of fellow teachers but also appreciating their growing levels of expertise and understanding of the conceptual and pedagogical underpinnings of the basis for the presentation. There is nothing like preparing for a conference session to concentrate and bring into question the how and why of classroom practice. It’s a pity more teachers don’t value their work enough to subject themselves to this process. Too often teachers don’t see what they have been doing as worthy of sharing however given just a modicum of support they find they have a genuinely interesting story to share with colleagues.

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