My Diigo Links 06/02/2009

  • frogs_Australian

  • The Amphibian Research Centre site is the web presence of the centre dedicated to research and conservation of Australia’s unique frogs. They provide a range of services from the site including

    • Tadpoles in schools kits
    • A Field Guide to Frog Groups of Australia
    • Frogs of Australia: A Regional Guide to Frogs of Australia
    • Frogwatch
    • amongst other activities and links to amphibian sites.

    tags: frogs, amphibians, biology, life and living, science, Australian frogs, Field Guide

  • Frogs in Orbit is a hands-on program which integrates Biology, Ecology and Physics from the Australian Ecolinc organisation. The pdf and Powerpoint files for a 2008 project involving the MIR space station are intended for use with secondary school students in year 9 or 10 but can be adapted for other levels. The lessons can be used individually or as a complete unit. This material is copyright free and can be freely distributed.

    tags: ecolinc, frogs, science, living things, life and living, biology

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