Jason Smith at the DEECD Innovations Showcase

One of the other Keynote Addresses at the Innovations Showcase was from Jason Smith, co-founder of TeacherTube.


This is a copy of my CoveritLive record of his presentation, (the red notes are my comments).

Jason Smith Co-founder of TeacherTube (05/15/2009)
Jason Smith from TeacherTube is now starting his keynote
Speaking about N1H1 flu and actual email of child kissing pig. Relating it to the need to be accurate, quick and easy
Noting that there is often an expectation that students must master 100% of content/ learning outcomes 100% of the time
This increases the weight on teachers
Using the notion of a wiki as the basis for his thesis that we must transform the education system
What is the impact of collaborative learning Referring to Don Tapscott Wikinomics
Telling story of mining company that put all their research on possible mining sites online in a wiki. They then sought contributions via the wiki with the idea that others could gain prizes for their work if it proved useful. Though it was a gamble, the company benefitted significantly from the work of the non-company contributors.
Moving on to the idea of collaboration. Suggesting that we join the Innovations Ning
Explaining the 99:1 rule

  • 90% of people in online communities are visitors, (lurkers)
  • 9% are early adopters who add to the commentary and/or content but can’t really be depended on
  • 1% are the givers who continue to maintain the innovation
The question was posed, “How does this relate to teachers/classrooms?

We have to be careful that we don’t cruel social networking spaces by mandating that all are contributors or need to make specific ongoing contributions to the space

It is a nice notion that even lurkers have their role in community as they provide purpose and need to which the contributors respond
Exloring the contradiction of teaching and sharing content work that can be critically appraised by anyone who wishes to. Most teachers background is to value privacy.
Relating this to how TeacherTube has developed. T/Tube now accepts lots of other files. Exploring the problems of current search capability. Lesson is the need to improve search capability. The more information that comes into the community the better and brighter the community
Data online can be retrieved in nano-seconds. Looking at Google ranking and how search on Google works
Looking at Automated prescriptive results and human judgement. Google translation is very powerful. As Google has all websites archived it translates all these via English mediation.
Google manages this because they have the wealth of knowledge on their servers. The suggestion is that it is via the accumulation of knowledge that advances are made.
Likening this to what happens at present to knowledge when teachers retire. Too often the accumulated knowledge retires with the teacher.
Notion that if entire education history of student was online and we could access this information within seconds how better we could make decisions on where to provide learning experiences. Interesting BUT there are bigger questions related how this knowledge has been developed that simple representation of the knowledge doesn’t/can’t show.
Isn’t this really only building on the notion of Gagne and learning continuums. If only students would learn things in linear fashion life would be so much easier. 🙂
Suggestion that such learning histories can do away with the need to do standardised testing This doesn’t address the question though as to the relevance of standard testing and whether replacing something that has questionable value is a positive.
looking at Moodle, Webex, and the notion of free vs at cost. Referring to dim-dim
Looking at how TeacherTube looking to expand into more personalised spaces
Looking at how spaces are opening up the API (Application Programming Interface), so that user can add to the functionality.
Opening up API is empowering for both users and developers Shades of the mining company referred to at the start.
Now telling the TeacherTube story. Really interesting that the gestation has been so long, 6-7 years before the portal actually was developed
  • Educators should meet learners where they are, (students are already in communities and we should teach them how to be responsible and ethical   members and representatives of the communities
  • Education systems should empower teachers and learners through technology, (many schools shut down anything electronic effectively dismepowering them)
  • TeacherTube should be userfriendly, (well actually all technology should do this. Noting that Facebook has not spent a cent on PD in using Facebook, yet thousands use it effectivelyNice notion. The notion of the intuitive interface is paramount
finally looking at the development of TeacherTube Mysite
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