John’s Diigo Links 05/03/2009

  • Once you’ve begun working with YouTube for some time you might like to play with the movies that are available. This list from the makeuseof site is a collection of ten interesting hacks associated with YouTube movies. Here you can;

    • learn how to view and embed high quality videos

    • link to the video part way through the clip

    • hide the search box

    • embed only the relevant part of a movie

    • autoplay and loop an embedded movie

    • disable the related video link

    • bypass regional filters and use kickyoutube to download videos

      tags: youtube, tools, tricks, embed, hacks, blogging, list, hack, edtechcrew

  • One of the problems facing many teachers is trying to make students aware of the need to respect copyright and fair use of digital content. Even though students can generally appreciate the principles behind the need to pay due regard to the originators of these artefacts too often they are unable to locate anything other than copyright material. Locating suitable Creative Commons licenced content can be a real nightmare for students and teachers alike. To this end

    SitePoint has gathered up over 30 of the best resources online for audio, video, images and more for finding just the perfect Creative Commons licensed item for use in your next project. So, have a look around and get inspired!

    tags: creativecommons, Audio, media, Video, copyright, creative_commons, Sound, cct, edtechcrew

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