John’s Diigo Links 04/24/2009

  • This article from eschoolnews looks at the Robert Marzanno “Evaluation Study of the Effects of Promethean ActivClassroom on Student Achievement,”report. It begins

    “Integrating Promethean’s ActivClassroom–a suite of educational technologies that includes an interactive whiteboard, teaching software, and student response systems–into instruction can raise student achievement by an average of 17 percentile points, according to new research that also confirms the experience, comfort, and skill level of teachers in using the technology has a huge impact on how effective they’ll be.”

    tags: promethean, education, iwb, Marzanno, report, Interactive Whiteboard

  • You won’t believe your eyes when you see what happens to ordinary packing peanuts when they come in contact with a solvent called acetone. They seem to just “disappear” like magic. In fact, the Styrofoam reacts with the solvent to reveal the fact that Styrofoam is made up of long strands of styrene molecules with lots of air pockets. This demonstration also reminds us about the importance of reducing our use of Styrofoam and replacing it with more Earth-friendly packing materials.

    tags: Science, demonstrations, Steve Spangler, demonstration, styrofoam, chemistry

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