Mark Pesce Being Digitally Fair

Throught the good graces of the wonderful Sue W, aka theedublogger, I have been able to attend the Australian College Of Educators Digital Fair at Geelong Grammar today, (and I’ll be back again tomorrow). Along the way I got to chat and network with a couple of really nice folk who were more than willing to engage in conversation. Amongst these was the chance to sit in on a really great intro to Web 2.0 session by Tony Richards from ITmadesimple. Tony very generously invited all members of the group to share in a conversation which ranged far and wide. Good fun.

Over lunch it was great to share the sunshine with John Connell and Jenny Luca. Salad rolls and sunshine made for some interesting discourse especially about the future of networking and how school systems have influences often unintended. Oh we also reflected on the many influences of soccer on weekends and the psyche of the crowds.

At the end of the day we were treated to a journey through the recent past leading to the adolescent reality of the present and how all this may impact on the future in a presentation from Mark Pesce titled Digital Citizenship. In an interesting presentation for a number of reasons Mark stimulated considerable reflection and discussion in the car on the way back into Geelong.

In a moment of madness I decided to use Coveritlive again to make a record of Mark’s presentation, (the text of his presentation is linked to above). Once again’s aversion to anything Flash means I can’t embed the presentation directly so you will have to click on the link below to open it :(. Love to know what you make of my take on the presentation.

coverit-pesceDigital Citizenship Coveritlive

The Video of Mark’s presentation can be found at Viddler though be warned it is some 37 minutes in length.

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