My Links Have Un Furled Is It GFC

Today I got some sad news with the demise of a long time Web 2.0 friend. Now before you rush into condolences and all that this friend was not of the human variety but rather my original social bookmarking portal of choice The first I heard was an email that of course sent me scurrying to the web where I found the following message.

Dear Furl Users,

The Furl team is very pleased to announce that Furl has become part of We worked hard to find Furl a home where loyal users like you could continue to benefit from best-of-breed social bookmarking and annotation tools. Hands down, was the winner due to its innovative approach to online research tools and knowledge sharing.

The Diigo team is dedicated to making sure you continue to get top notch features and service. They’ve got a crack team of technologists who love making research and knowledge sharing as easy and efficient as possible.

Exporting your data from Furl to Diigo is super easy. Click here to begin the export process.

We feel fortunate to have been able to serve as your social bookmarking site provider and can’t thank you enough for your loyal support over the past four years. We’ll miss you and we wish you the best as part of the Diigo community.

The Furl Team

As I said I first started out with FURL, (short for Find URL if you were wondering), back when it a delicious were regarded as on a par as far as relevance and usage. For a long time I stayed a firm supporter mainly because as part of the FURL serice they actually captured the front page of the website that you were bookmarking. In addition in their early iteration they seemed to make it easier to tag and comment on the bookmarks. Time moves on and very soon delicious became regarded as the standard so reluctantly I also joined there as well. This arrangement worked quite well as I was able to store my science based URL’s in FURL and use delicious for everything else, (yes I know I could tag etc in delicious to keep them separate but…..). Of course along came the latest big entrant into the field Diigo and so it has been that I am now using it as well. One really neat thing about using Diigo though is that you can elect to bookmark and tag your bookmarks into both Diigo and delicious from the Diigo toolbar.

If you are not sure how to do this, all you need do is to go to the Options link in your Diigo toolbar as shown.


Next you need to select the second tab which enables you to set up bookmarks in other places.


In the new window that opens you need to enter the details for the account you are using, (note you can send the bookmarks to more than delicious and you are done.


Next time you use your Diigo Toolbar to bookmark a URL it will also be saved to your delicious account as well. And that will be where all of my FURL saved bookmarks will be migrating to as well.

One wonders whether the demise of  FURL is part of the natural order or is part of the GFC, (Global Financial Crisis). One truism of this “technological age” is that what we hold dear and vital today will tomorrow become an historical artefact, witness the video>DVD>blu-ray evolution. Either way for now it is time to say


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