John’s Diigo Links 03/17/2009

  • The good folk at St Mary Star of the Sea College in Wollongong, Australia have put together this great Slideshare presentation for an education session for parents at the school. As the say in the Slideshare info,
    “The college works with parents to create a healthy and safe environment for learning and growth.” and with well presented information like this they are certainly headed in the best direction.

  • tags: Internet Safety, cybersafety, Slideshare, presentation, internet_safety

  • This site holds a collection of stories from around the East Anglian region in England as well as stories from other parts of England and from around the world. To access these stories click on the ‘Myths & Legends’ button at the top of the page to see the list of stories currently available and clicking on the ‘Play’ button. You can also create your own stories using the ‘Story Creator’ which will help you to use pictures to create a graphic version of a story. The ‘Story Creator’ comes with lots of backgrounds, characters and props and you can even add your own pictures. As well as you can select from the Sound and Image Gallery and even add a video of you reading your story.

    tags: storytelling, myths, writing, digital_storytelling, digitalstorytelling, education, legends, e2bn

  • The Dust Echoes series is a collection of twelve aboriginal dreamtime stories collected from the Wugularr (Beswick) Community in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia. The stories were recorded as audio and then interpreted as short animated movies by some of Australia’s most talented emerging animators, and have enjoy screenings at film and animation festivals all over the world, to great critical acclaim. This website aims to further explore these beautiful stories, to educate and entertain young people in order to instill a respect and thirst for the wealth of indigenous culture and stories on our door step.

    tags: aboriginal, echoes, dreamtime, education, storytelling, stories, IWB

  • Today’s Meet is an alternative chat room like space where you can quickly setup and invite others to join to collaborate, make comments and suggestions and reflect on meetings presentations etc. As the Today’s Meet folks say:
    Using Twitter at social media conferences has become a great way to do just that. But Twitter isn’t appropriate for every situation.
    * Your audience isn’t on Twitter.
    * You don’t want the discussion to be public.
    * You need to see only relevant updates”

    tags: chat, tools, collaboration, backchannel, web2.0, classroom, meet

  • People used to whisper to each other or pass hand-scribbled notes during presentations. Now these notes are going digital on Twitter or via conference-provided chat rooms. This post on the pistachio consulting blog looks at the ramifications of presenting whilst members of the audience are using Twitter to back channel the presentation.

    tags: twitter, presentations, pistachio, backchannel, presentation, twittering, presenting

  • This blog and embedded videos are an attempt by teacher Alom Shaha to answer the perrenial question from students as to why learn science. As Alom says,

    “I want this project to reach people who don’t think science is important and convince them otherwise. I want it to demonstrate that science is absolutely crucial to the future wellbeing of our world, that its contribution to culture is as significant as that of music, art or literature and, most important of all, that a sound appreciation of science is vital to realising your potential as a human being. I want this project to make it far, far easier for any science teacher to be able to answer that inevitable question, ‘what’s the point of all this?”

    tags: Science, scientists, video, blog, Why teach science, science teaching

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