John’s Diigo Links 03/07/2009

  • Peep and the Big Wide World site contains a collection of science activities and resources suitable for Junior students. The site produced by WGBH Boston and 9 Story Entertainment in association with TVOntario and Discovery Kids features a daily online video. There is a Video guide at the side of the video area, which tells which video will be shown each day for a 2 week period. The site also has loads of other interactive games and activities that are suitable for use on the IWB as well as classroom computers.

    tags: science, interactive, primary, peep, IWB, video

  • “Are you overwhelmed by the spectrum of choice in Web2 and ICT? This “taster” session will examine how to pick the cream from the crop of the field of Web2 and choose what will best support learning for your students. Great for beginners, we will also look at practical ideas for the management and implementation of ICT in your classroom.” This great Slideshare from Kiwis Rachel Boyd and Tania O’Meagher has some sage advice for newbies, (and some older practitioners), re classroom adoption of Web 2.0 apps and activities.

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2 Responses to John’s Diigo Links 03/07/2009

  1. Nuusa Faamoe says:


    I liked the butterscotch learning video links because those will help me tremedously with a lot of questions I have about such issues.

    Such direct visuals will also be a great resource for students out in countries like mine where teachers know just as much technology as the students they teach. Seeing that I am within this category, this is indeed something that can provide great preparation before taking on the challenge of helping out students in these areas.

    I will definitely be on the lookout for more of this type of classroom assistance.

    Nuusa Faamoe

  2. johnp says:

    There is definitely a lot of help material out there Nuusa. The key thing is to get yourself into a network of like minded individuals that also has members who link out to other networks. That way you are more likely to be exposed to other sources of information and inspiration.

    Defintely also use the knowledge that your students bring to help out in the classroom too. The days of the teacher knowing everything about all things that the students need, even the youngest students, are fast disappearing. This is arguably educations greatest challenge.

    John P

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