The Need For Speed

Every now and then it’s interesting to ponder on how much we don’t know about things we take for granted and even more to consider how much we are really being kept in the dark. This evening my ears pricked up in the middle of the ABC television news when the head honcho of our major telco, Telstra was shown spruiking the latest development in internet delivery here in Oz. Having read a report on just this in the Age online on how Telstra has ramped up their Next G network I was interested to see if other providers were also moving in this direction.

According to the Telstra Chief executive Sol Trujillo,

“We will again keep Australia … ahead of the world by enabling this capability.”

The report then went on to highlight the fact that these quoted speeds are only theoretical speeds requiring customers to not only sign on for significantly higher usage plans than the other players in the market but also make other investments in equipment.

Of course we shouldn’t expect that such important improvements shouldn’t come without a cost however the addendum that came at the end of the television news report jarred somewhat. Reference was made to a new report from the international group Epitoro who amongst other services seek to provide a “clear and independent view of how your Country’s broadband internet performance compares to leading nations around the world.”

Given the fine words of said CEO Sol it was interesting to read then in a press release associated with the Epitoro research that in fact Australian Users Get 66% of Advertised Bandwidth.

“The report raises real concerns about both the actual levels of service being delivered to subscribers and Australia’s connectivity to the rest of the world.” said Mike Cranna, Managing Director, Epitiro, Australia.

All in all it makes you wonder if we really are just the unwitting victims of great PR spin.

Its the Journey by mlarson

It's the Journey by mlarson

Image credit It’s the Journey by mlarson

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