Of Filters And thinking about it…..

Normally I would not post on the following until the sequence of which I write has been completed however this time I figure that if you are reading this then it is best that you are part of the process rather than a reader of historical record. As many will be aware our new Federal Government has picked up on the policy direction of the previous government in seeking to impose internet filtering on all Australian users. Over some time now various trials have been instituted with the latest proposal that all internet content should be filtered at the ISP level and only ‘acceptable’ content be available to home and business users.

As would be expected this proposal has created considerable polarization between lobby groups, industry players and politicians let alone amongst the general public. So to there is a relative lack of knowledge not only about the process of this proposal but also the relative effects and outcomes of using system wide filters. It’s timely then that  The Australian newspaper via its SuperBlog is giving the opportunity for nine “superbloggers” this week, (starting Thursday 5th Feb), from all sides of this debate to mount a case for their particular point of view.

Thus far two positions have been put forward:

Why Australia needs to trial net filters from Bernadette McMenamin, Child Wise CEO

Blanket ban on the internet a folly from Cory Bernardi, Liberal Senator, South Australia

Whilst both make for interesting reading, perhaps even more interesting is to browse the comments that follow each of the postings. Taken together they all serve to broaden the understanding of a proposal that may have far more unintended cosequences than at first thought. Where do you stand?

thinking about it . . . by bionicteaching

thinking about it . . . by bionicteaching

Image Credit: thinking about it… by bionicteaching

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