Who’s Looking At You Babe

Once you get your blog up running it is always great to know that someone out there is checking it out. Just as with my students, for quite a while my ego was suitably stroked by the measles that kept appearing on my Clustrmap. I must admit also that I used to allow myself the distraction of checking the Blog Stats on more than one occasion, (in truth initially it was probably each time I sat down again at the computer :)).

Nowadays I am more blase about these things, happy in the knowledge that every now and then someone seems to have at least happened upon this little URL. Just out of interest then I decided to click on the Blog Stats link tonight and for once I glanced past the bumpy line graph down to the list of referrers. Usually these are either colleagues and friends or often incomprehensible URL’s but tonight I was a little taken aback that someone had found my blog by searching as follows en.search.wordpress.com/?q=nude women in other words they were searching wordpress.com for nude women. The resulting search page revealed that indeed I had made reference to nude women on my blog as shown below.

Search results for Nude Women on WordPress.com

Search results for Nude Women on WordPress.com

It all goes to show that sometimes you make people happy and at other times you no doubt are a huge disappointment.

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