Flight 1549 From Afar

As is my usual habit when on hols, the other morning I switched on the computer and scanned the local newspapers online at the same time activating Twitter, the email and a few other browser windows. Right in the most prominent pane on the Age online was a report of  U.S. Airways flight 1549 coming down in the Hudson. Clicking over to the twitter feed was a tweet from Will Richardson,

“willrich45 Flock of geese is cause of jet crash. Amazing. Everyone survived it looks like.

The former was interesting because it made Mr Krums an instant celebrity. Even more interesting was the take on the whole thing as reported by Peter Kafka who noted that “an employee of one of the cable networks” stated it was not the speed of the twitter image that made it so useful but rather that it was free. Similarly Jim Davidson’s panorama shot soon found itself on the CNN site where viewers could pan around the shot.

Heading back to the main Google search however I also came across another aggregation site called Daymix that put the whole Flight 1549 story together complete withGoogle blog search links, flickr, youtube. delicious and twitter talk. Makes you wonder where it will all end really. For the last word on this episode though it is interesting to reflect on the place Peter Kafka sees for “citizen journalists” . For him, remarkable though the Twitter pic is,

I plan on relying on those (traditional news), folks for my news for as long as there’s a business to support them. But I’ll be using Twitter and the Web to augment that coverage–to tell me something very quickly, or to pass along news gleaned from news reports in the first place.

Where do you fit?

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One Response to Flight 1549 From Afar

  1. I’m delighted to say Janis Krums (@jkrums) has agreed to take questions from followers of my blog, Third Sector Forums’ users and folks on twitter. The best questions will be posed to Janis and the full interview will be posted on The Lab.

    So what are you waiting for…you can add your questions to the comments section of the post: http://thirdsectorlab.co.uk

    I’ll be taking questions over the next 24hrs, right up until 20:30 GMT on 19th January 2009.


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