Embedding Back On The Horse

Having finally gotten back on the horse with this blog by baring myself in the 7 things meme, (wasn’t I kind not to tag any others though in truth just about all my blog friends have been tagged already and I can’t afford to upset the other one or two of you :).

One of the biggest problem I find I am facing these days it not only the paucity of time needed to construct even reasonably structured posts, but also the fact there is often too much to write about. Strange as this may seem at first, (and I shall one day soon write a post about this), it is the constant flow of really fascinating and applicable thoughts,  ideas, tools etc that now flow in via not only the ever burgeoning blogosphere but through Twitter and other sources, all of which transpire to almost overwhelm to the point of drowning.

Surfacing again however, one of the more interesting ideas from my PLN is embdeit.in which promotes itself as the place from where you can embed any file, (in this case, Documents:doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, wpd, odt, ods, odp Images: png, jpg, gif, tiff, psd, bmp, eps, ai Text: txt, rtf, csv), into your website. Very simple to use you do need a gmail, AOL, Yahoo or Open ID identity to Sign In to get the embed code once you have uploaded it. Once you have the code you can then simply embed it like the 2008 Australian/New Zealand Horizon Report.

Hmm pity though that WordPress.com strips out any Shockwave based coding such as the code that embedit.in uses. Fortunately other wordpress installs actually allow such code through so if you want to see what an embed.it embed looks like you need to click on the following to link to my test blog.

The 2008 Aust/NZ Horizon Report

The 2008 Aust/NZ Horizon Report

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