Finally Another Post and it’s Only 7 Things

In response to a nudge from Jess McCulloch, I’ve finally stirred from the end of year mayhem then later holiday torpor to make a post again after some 2 months and it has to be for the seven things meme, hmm :). In the past I have either been deemed either not sufficiently interesting or not significant enough to be tagged but alas Jess has done for me so I had better respond.

  1. For a teacher I make a terrible student as apart from my primary school time, I have not completed any other educational stage without first failing the final requirement. From year 12 where I needed two attempts, (punctuated by 12 months attempting to begin a Biochemistry diploma which I also failed), through to my initial teaching qualification, (I failed both my final year as well as the school experience component and only was allowed to complete my course after writing a submission to the Dean), then my B Ed which was completed only when I was told to finish the off-campus study within 12 months after 4 years of deferral and fails. Not the sort of record of achievement most parents would want to see in a prospective teacher one would think.
  2. My primary school years were more notable as in my second year I was chosen to go into what was then termed a Rural Training School which was a school within a bigger school. Four students were selected each year to go into this group which was used to train prospective teachers for smaller rural schools. Ostensibly the RTS students were the best of the prep crop however given my later record I am not too sure this ran true.
  3. During my primary school years I was sport challenged such the my highlights were being the last chosen for the rounders team, (everybody had to play some game and rounders was the catchall for the ones left over from cricket etc), and being part of the marching team for the inter-school sports, (read these are the leftovers again who have no deemed athletic capability).
  4. I have both played and refereed soccer including Division One in Bendigo. In one memorable game I got to play in the same team as both of my sons.
  5. I played many seasons of competition badminton including a couple in A grade and at Country Week level.
  6. I once almost burnt down my parents’ house when I left a saucepan of fat on a gas stove whilst I took a visitor down to the garage to find something. We were very surprised on exiting the garage to find a neighbour running out the back door of the house with the saucepan roaring with flame in hand. My parents were less than impressed when they arrived home to find a fire truck parked in the drive way.
  7. My first car was a Mini 850 that I drove like it was its more powerful brother. Once whilst out hooning we attracted the attention of a Police vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. In the time that it took the police vehicle to turn around I had taken a side street and driven off the road to hide in a large peppercorn tree.

So there we go a little bit of therapy from me and perhaps some mild amusement for you the reader.

\7 Things Meme\

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