Teacher, The Tube Isn’t Playing Right

Having been a user and a real fan of TeacherTube for some time now, I have been rather disappointed last three or four times of sorts to use it. My problem is that when I go to upload the videos.  The upload process runs all the way through to the final stage, which then times out.  This is very frustrating, and I am not sure why it happens, but it has happened on more than one occasion. Just when it seemed things on a daily worker properly I have been able to manage to upload the movie. at first I thought it might have been be movie type that was causing the problems but having converted movie into other formats I had the same timeout problems.  I also thought it might have been my connection speed.  However, on checking, it appeared not to be the case.

It got so frustrating, but I ended up using another service, Splashcast. Splashcast is pretty neat, because you can splice together, all manner of different presentations, including PowerPoints images and movies.  The test Splashcast movie I uploaded follows. The interface by which you upload your presentation can be a little confusing at times but once you get used to it is okay.  I have yet to try to merge different aspects together, but I will try soon. Here’s one of my Splashcast movies, (oh and the embeds are easy too).

[splashcast c PKGT6360YU]

Along the way messing around with movies and thinking it might have been the format that was the cause of my TeacherTube problems I went looking for alternatives to convert my movies. As readers may recall I have been a long time advocate of Zamzar but the two extra popups that come with Zamzar plus the sometimes quite long time lags between uploads and the conversion meant alternatives were looking better. vconvert came highly recommended by some others and I was just about to give it a try when an email via oz-teachers popped up from Brenda Aynsley suggesting that she found the free download Any Video Convert to be a great option. A short download and install later I was away converting much quicker and with mor options than any of the online conversions. Hmm am I arguing against one of my conference premises that we hardly need any apps stored directly on our computers these days, I guess I am….

Any Vidoe Convert

Thinking a little more about videos I recalled that I had read another email somewhere about a Firefox Add-on that I had tried but not really used in the past. A quick tour of the emails and I came across Download Helper which now sits nicely in my toolbar and alerts me with the spinning three ball icon when I am viewing a page that has media content in it. A click on the drop down arrow next to the balls enables me to download a copy of the media content for off-line viewing. Neat, now back to the TeacherTube problem.

🙂  Update from Jason at TeacherTube 🙂

Now you have to love this, the nice folk at TeacherTube are obviously out there checking the web for blog and other references to them and not only that but reading them too. Not long after I posted this post Jason, the CEO no less, posted a comment re this post that explains the problems I have been having and even better suggests that they are being actively addressed. Now that’s service, (though maybe a suggestion for Jason that a note on the T/Tube site re potential problems over the past few months of their rapid growth might have saved me and possibly others a little bit of grief??). Great to see though that an initiative such as T/Tube aimed specifically at education is getting so much support that it is outgrowing its servers.

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4 Responses to Teacher, The Tube Isn’t Playing Right

  1. Jason says:

    Hi John,

    Jason here from TeacherTube. We hear you loud and clear. Without question the growth of TeacherTube has exceeded our hardware for the last few months. Therefore, we began researching best solutions during the spring. We could not do the mass overhaul that needed to be done during the school year, for too many teachers were needing access 24/7.

    Today, as I wright to you we are transferring the thousands of videos to new server configurations that can sustain unlimited growth. The complete transition process will be completed well before the end of this month so that teachers can truly benefit from a more positive experience before the new school year starts.

    Thanks again to you for your feedback. TeacherTube will get better wth feedback from our community members such as you and your readers.

    Jason Smith

  2. tom says:

    Very interesting how a CEO of a business doesn’t know how to spell the word “write” correctly.

    “Today, as I wright to you we are transferring the thousands of videos…”

    THAT’S scary!

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  4. GL Warren says:

    Unfortunately TeacherTube has continued to go down the tubes with regard to their technical development. Their advertising engine works like a champ, and yet their video capabilities seem like they purchased some old codecs and video engines at YouTube’s 2006 yard sale.

    Hopefully they will be able to catch up with the times with all of that ad revenue coming in. It could be a real educational resource, Some day.

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