Mobility Magnified

There was some fascinating reading in the Age , (originally from the Washington Post), about the take up of mobile phones world wide. According to the article, the adoption of mobile phone technology….

“is the fastest global diffusion of any technology in human history — faster even than the polio vaccine.”

The author Joel Garreau goes on to point out that mobile phone technology uptake is greatest in the developing world and that countries like Bangladesh with 98% mobile coverage has 30 million mobile phone users compared with only one million who have landlines. Garreau goes on to detail some of the changes that the use of this technology is bringing from the emancipation of market women in Nigeria to the use of mobile technology in global terrorism.

With the convergence of capabilities being built into mobile devices one wonders as to the future of the laptop especially in these third world environments. It also brings into question the future of the main players in the software market. Maybe Nokia will become the new Microsoft.

It’s interesting then to see that Adobe has now gone online as I found out via the Age and that Kiwi who loves to play with all things new and novel Allanah. This continues the trend to online or open source albeit with what may ultimately turn out to be teaser products. I had direct experience with this just the other day. For some time now I have utilised a free entry level account. Wanting to transfer a 12Mb zipped file I was faced with the 10Mb upload limit on the account. In the end it was easy to pay the US$3 for an excess upload. It does beg the question tough whether some of these products are not using these free services as loss leaders that are designed to entice you into using the product beyond our needs? (Maybe it’s the influence of the TV program on the ease of credit that is swaying my thinking).

Back to the question of mobiles and coverage it’s interesting to reflect on Sue and her upcoming holiday. But then hang on, my wife and I have a mobile account with one of the main Aussie providers 3. Now though we can actually see the nearest phone tower from our back yard in bayside Portarlington, unless we stand in the middle of the road running past our place and the wind is blowing the right way we have at best intermittent mobile service. When we do get a signal it is more than likely that the eminating tower will be located not on the local hillside but rather somewhere else across the bay. Now least I look like I’m bashing 3, our neighbour has tried the other 2 major carriers, Telstra and Optus with basically the same outcome. Hmmm.

\Mobile Magic\

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