Tipping And Other Significant Points

Reading Chris‘ recent celebratory post related to reaching the tipping point I was prompted to check out where I was on the tipping point scale, (I wonder who else had a quick check of their stats after reading Chris’ article?).

It was interesting then when Emily came to check about a ping back that had appeared on her blog, to check out her post/comment ratio. It was very heartening and indicative of a mature attitude to the internet that Emily wanted to know what “a ping” meant and I was pleased to assure her that the pingback was actually a big compliment to her blogging.

Checking her stat though I was aghast to find out that Emily was already well past the tipping point with 24 posts attracting 42 comments. Checking her Clustrmap revealed that she has attracted some 818 visits in the two months her blog has been active. These are pretty impressive stats and indicative of a site chock full of information. I was even more impressed to find that one of her commentators was a dietitian delivering some advice on her expressed desire to also work in this area.

Oh my ratio is close to the tipping point 216 posts vs 209 comments, damn and I’ve moved the point again :). Please feel free to tip me over.

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8 Responses to Tipping And Other Significant Points

  1. G’day John… getting closer… tipping… tipppingg…. tiiiiippppiing!

  2. Sue Waters says:

    Always pleased to write a comment. Followed your link across to Chris’s post, noticed Graham’s comments about his stats and felt slightly pleased when compared his to mine. So now have to work hard on getting your stats up.

    Meanwhile got distracted with Chris’s blog and am testing out Aminoto which I have heard people talking about but been ignoring. May get annoyed as it is taking awhile to upload photos (may have pressed too many!)


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  4. Kylie says:


    BTW – I’m STILL not sure what a ping is?

  5. Jo McLeay says:

    Hiya, John greatly pleased to comment you, whether for stats or any other reason. A teacher from my school came to tell me she had been to one of your blogging workshops, so you are known far and wide

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  7. nadine says:

    Hi there everyone!
    It’s nice to hear that Emily has gotten to a high level of contact with peoople and am i happy to hear that she has 42 comments!
    I hope your class will kepp writing and hopefully, they will make heaps of friends!
    Goodluck! Tip forever!
    Stay in touch! ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Doug says:

    Hey Mr.Pearce this is totally off the subject of your post but i forgot how to put clustr maps on blogs, could you remind me?

    P.S. sorry in advance.

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