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Tipping And Other Significant Points

Reading Chris‘ recent celebratory post related to reaching the tipping point I was prompted to check out where I was on the tipping point scale, (I wonder who else had a quick check of their stats after reading Chris’ article?). … Continue reading

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25 Years And Still Going Strong :-)

Did you know that 25 years ago, at 11:44am on September 19, 1982 Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman posted the first recorded instance of the smiley emoticon to an online electronic bulletin, during a discussion about the limits … Continue reading

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I Should Be Terrified?

Oh dear, in the continuing saga that is the politicization of the issue of internet safety here in Australia, our Federal minister has been out and about spruiking using what would otherwise appear to be some very broad interpretations, (dare … Continue reading

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Who Is In Charge Here?

Back from camp and finally getting over the room moves of the past few weeks, it has been time to catch up with the Passion Project blogs. Today was lab time for the first two groups of classes and a … Continue reading

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Another Dimension We Didn’t See Coming

Last week was a busy week as the senior unit from school headed off to camp, (hence the lack of posts recently). Sadly on the Monday before we left for camp one of our students Aaron’s mother passed away. As … Continue reading

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2007 K-12 Online Conference Voki Coding

I have had a couple of queries from a few people regarding the embedding of Vokis into edublogs blogs. The code that Voki generates for WordPress has some problems and you need to take the URL from this code and … Continue reading

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Guess What I Was Too Busy To Do?

Alas though I had blogged about it in my previous post, I was away from an internet connection on Friday and yesterday and consequently missed the chance to officially participate in Blog Day 2007.  That being the case I will … Continue reading

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