Today Two Years Is tout d’abord

Sometimes you can get ahead of yourself and think that “Hey I’m a bit out there.” Thankfully just as quickly you get the hose down that shows just where you really are on the continuum.

Earlier today I ran myself through an Online Survey to see where I am on our education departments Continuum of ICT Capabilities. (For those interested, the results of the survey are then used to refer teachers to banks of interactive resources, journal tools and planning tools to support ongoing professional development.)

Now my results seemed to suggest, (I tried to err on the conservative but honest side in my responses), that I am regarded as a transformative teacher. That was pretty interesting and I was quite pleased to be ranked that far along the continuum. However when I logged on to the feed reader tonight a post by Alex Hayes put me right back in my place again.

In a fascinating Slideshare presentation Alex reflects on two years working with ‘m for mobile’ learning. Prepared for an upcoming conference, the presentation questions what the future of learning may look like by drawing on the work of his antipodean colleagues in this area. As an argument to keep pushing the boundaries it is very cogent, it would be great to be part of the live presentation.

When I compare the work of Alex and others like Sue, Leigh and the rest with what I am attempting to do in my role then begin to think that maybe I am less a transformative and more foundational. Check it out and see what you think. (Oh also check in at Alex’s next post for some fascinating insights into from where Alex has come though I am still mystified with what crinkly concoids manifest themselves as.)

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2 Responses to Today Two Years Is tout d’abord

  1. “Crinkly concoids” as a term and better still a concept came from a poet’s works by the name of Daniel Oxenburgh whom I’m working with to create another education of Quicksilver published a few years ago.

    More reading over at


  2. johnp says:

    Ah Alex, thanks for that, now my sleep patterns can resume normal service. As to the innermindfish methinks that that only will serve to reinvigorate the nocturnal cogitations. ๐Ÿ™‚

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