Vale Newsprint?

It might seem that I have spent at least half of the weekend scouring the newspaper but alas such has not been the case. I have however had the opportunity to once again mesh my broadsheet browsing with my online activity. In a deliciously ironic happenstance given the theme of the story, I read via the Age broadsheet version an excellent historically based discussion of the recent morphing of print based newspapers into online siblings. Written by Rachel Buchanan, a lecturer in media studies at La Trobe University, the article made for great reading. Tonight when I checked the online version of the Age I was fascinated to see that Rachel’s Black and white and all over? article is the top rated story of the day.

I was particularly taken by the reference to the Brisbane Times, Australia’s first fully online “newspaper” which is compiled by only 12 local staff, (though it does draw stories from other sources within the publisher’s stable including the Age). The Chilean Las Ultimas Noticias where the number of clicks on a story determines whether follow up stories are written also grabbed my attention. Interesting reading.

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