NSBA Report

Following on from the Age article referred to in my last post comes news via Andy Carvin that in the US

“…… the National School Boards Association has released a new report on student use of social media tools. The report contains a multitude of findings that have already started an online debate about the role of social networking in the classroom.”

Nancy Willard via the WWWDEU list, lists a couple of these

“The report concludes with a handful of recommendations, the most controversial of which is likely to be a suggestion that schools reexamine social networking policies. “Safety policies remain important, as does teaching students about online safety and responsible online expression,” the study’s authors note. “But students may learn these lessons better while they’re actually using social networking tools.”

Nancy then followed up with a really great analysis of the report again via the WWWEDU list. She lists a range of what she sees as helpful findings plus a couple of questions related to the methodology of the report and the ramifications of the conclusion that often ‘addicted non-conformists’ are influencing much of the uptake in school. She ponders whether these are the role models needed.

Quite apart from this discussion I was interested to note the finding that more than 95% of school districts reported that teachers were assigning homework that required internet usage. In our school situation, (admittedly we are a primary school), it is really just within the past 12 months that we are developing home tasks that are reliant on the internet.

Taken overall however the 12 page report makes for interesting reading.

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