Give Them Their Head And I Get The Ache

It’s Thursday again and part one of the weekly bun fight that is lab time for the senior students at our school. On Thursday and Friday each week we split the five senior grades into four groups and another teacher, (a different one for each group), and I work with them around different things ICT. At the moment we have three options on the go. One is a basic design page for a front cover of the camp book they will use in a few weeks time, another is to use Flash to either animate a narrative they have written in class time or use Flash to draw pics that they can use in print versions of their work. The third task is to do more work on their Passion Projects. Of course this getting together always stimulates lots of conversation and ideas to show off and trial. Today was no exception.

Every week we always run out of time so things tend to get put off until recess and lunch time. As a result I have a lot of trouble getting away from the room to the staff room, (I got into trouble the other week when I hadn’t shown up for my birthday morning tea 🙂 ). So it was again today when I ended up with all ten computers in our shared room running full on all of lunch and recess, (this number included my own laptop that I had to lend out because we had run out). To say it was verging on glorious chaos is an apt description as we had two students tutoring others on how to use Movie Maker to edit home movies of two of the boys playing drums, another three students helping three classmates get Clustrmaps installed on their blog, another using Audacity to edit and add narration to some piano music she had recorded on an iPod at home, another two students wanted to know why their posts weren’t showing, (we had schooled them too well on saving and they had forgotten to Publish….), two more just wanted to show off their blogs, another wanted a Voki and still another wanted to know if he could set up two vokis side by side in his blog so that they could work like a mock interview, (very creative), oh and there was another student who wanted to know if he could record himself playing the drums and then the guitar and then combine the tracks in a movie. Oh boy and they say we teachers get it easy.

Though it does make life hectic at times, I do have classroom teaching responsibilities most of the time, all the aches in the head do make for rare mental stimulation as we try to find work arounds for all these great ideas. As to the movies etc, in a few days time , when all the editing etc has been done and things have been uploaded, check in at Mitch’s, Katya’s and Brendan’s, (oh and just because I said would list them also have a look at Sarah’s, Chloe’s and Connor’s blogs too).

Oh if you want to give any of our Passion Projectors a boost by passing a comment then you need to know that when you are challenged that at our school we wear our ‘green and white’ hats we always strive to ‘Aim High‘.

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2 Responses to Give Them Their Head And I Get The Ache

  1. Sue Waters says:

    Happy Birthday John

    Sorry I missed you birthday.

    It sounds like your students are doing some really good work. I wish they were based in WA so I could get your students teaching my lecturers.

    I will try and make time to pop past their blogs later.


  2. I visited some of your students’ blogs today. Nice work! They got me thinking about some new stuff to try with my early elementary school kids! Thanks for the blog!

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