Hey Guys Get Off My Back, Please :)

Hmm, isn’t it exciting when an idea, (and this was I have to admit a pretty nebulous idea), starts to really take off? Don’t you just love how life gets so much busier when you do something a little bit different? Isn’t it awful when you actually get students wanting to stay behind after class to do work? And whatever was I thinking when I gave my email address out to some of my students? Oh dear you just have to wonder out aloud sometimes.

Since we have begun our senior unit “Passion Projects” my often busy, (mainly because I lack most of the core attributes of even a moderately organized person), teaching life has just become totally chaotic. Things have gotten so bad this week that I have not even been able to correct or set the traditional book based homework that is mandated for all of our classes. Interestingly one of my senior unit colleagues also remarked that they too were a little distracted by wanting to read and comment on their class’ blogs. Now this could be a real worry, no more worksheets for homework, instead having kids do “work at home” on their blogs. (I think there is a strong and a not even subtle difference in those concepts to which I may return one other time when I am not so frazzled.)

So what’s causing all these worries, well take a look at just some of the list of demands I have had to field from many of the 102 + students in our unit in the last two days, (all out of class time);

  • “We want to change our presentation can you give us the privileges?” (just about the number one request and it makes you wonder about the need to keep the students at Editor level as opposed to the top level Administrator. I guess I just can’t let the total control go just yet though time may indeed make me change my mind.)
  • “I want a Clustrmap so I can see where the people who are looking at my blog come from.” (easily the second biggest request and one again that I have to change privileges for). Thankfully I now have a steadily growing little team who can do the instruction for me.
  • “I want a survey.” (not unlike the Clustrmap demand). (One of the students has of his own initiative signed up for Survey Monkey and just wanted to know how to embed it in his blog.)
  • “I have just done a post about ……” There are still lots who want to tell you in person that they have published a post.
  • “I’ve go a Voki, what do I do?” (see post below)
  • “I can’t get into my blog?” ( a few emails later and we’re okay)
  • “I just want to ……….” (more emails from students).
  • “I’ve got this music on my memory stick, how can I get it off?” (Um Mr P will have to take this one home as homework as it is protected.)
  • “I want to make a movie, how do I put it into my blog?” (um I’ll have to help with that when I get time)
  • Oh dear I just checked his blog and there are pics I think shouldn’t be being used, hmm will a comment do or do I need to chase this one up in person?
  • I think that a Wikispace might also be useful for you so I will set one up.
  • Oh and I had better check all 23 of my group’s blogs also just to keep up with the very steady flow of posts.
  • And I had better do some “teaching”, whatever that means somewhere along the line too :).

Overall, lots of fun but it makes you wonder about what it is doing to your life, but then you come across a post like this from the redoubtable Sarah and you sort of know why you keep at it.

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One Response to Hey Guys Get Off My Back, Please :)

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Mr P
    I have changed my background. Can I keep my privileges please??!! But come and look at it. It is really cool!! How do you get all those people on your blog??? I have two people from the allstars – one is Sarah who has made three comments, the other is Emily. Look at their blog at http://www.allstars.edublogs.org. It is really good. They had lots of movies on their blog. I did not know that they where from the U.K!!
    I think the grass on the background really looks good on my blog because it is to do with my blog. How do you get your named linked when you make a comment on other peoples blog. How did the allstars make a comment on my blog??? My Q is what is your school moto?? Do they have the same moto as us????

    See Ya
    Sarah!!! đŸ˜€

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