Are You A Blogger? Do You Rate?

Scott Mcleod over at Dangerously Irrelevant has attempted one of those “catching smoke” tasks in attempting to compile a list of the top educationally focussed blogs. As he suggests no one knows how big the education blogosphere is but using a quite sound methodology Scott and his two researchers managed to compile a list of some 3,600 such blogs. They then set about using a couple of ranking scales to order the list.

As with most lists, the worth is often more in how they inform than in the pure numbers. So it is with the Excel file list of these sites that you can download and peruse.  Checking though I found lots of my favorites listed, (there were a couple of omissions too Leigh and Bill are two that spring to mind). I also found enough other potential reads to completely fill my aggregator three or four times over.

As an Aussie it was really heartening to find so many fellow Aussie bloggers featuring on the list and numerous of them well up on the list. Seeing Graham and Judy neatly ensconced at 83 & 84 respectively, James even higher at 69 with Jo a little further down just above a couple of Kiwis Rachel and Allanah then a couple of classroom based antipodean blogs in the form of the All Stars and Allanah’s students at Moturoa and with Chris pushing up there too it is a pretty strong contingent from down under and surrounds. Check them out and download the list if you have the time.

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One Response to Are You A Blogger? Do You Rate?

  1. betchaboy says:

    Hi John,

    thanks for the mention… think I’ve got a way to go before I can claim any sort of “authority” or “influence” status LOL! But you’re right about filling the aggregator! There is so much great stuff out there to read… It’s no wonder I hardly look at TV or read the newspapers anymore! Where would I find the time?

    Cheers mate

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