Well Blogger Me James

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear


Congratulations to James

Yep as announced with suitable flourish on Incsub it’s official, edublogs is 2 years old today and to celebrate the redoubtable James has announced a whole new lot of features to make blogging even more exciting

As an avowed edublog fan and user this is great news and makes me wonder aloud why I am still persisting with this Wordpres.com blog, (a touch of indolence I guess and lack of time to really get to making the change). (New readers to this blog may find the notes I have in the tutorial section on getting started with edublogs helpful.)

At school we use an edublog off-shoot for our students at globalstudent.org.au. This portal is maintained by James as part of a research project between our state education department and the state library teachers association. We have actually struck a little problem with the globalstudent blogs in that once we log more than 4 students in, the whole globalstudent access slows to a trickle. Finally grabbing the time to compose an email I was really pleased to get a reply from James within 20 minutes exploring solutions which we are working through. This is emblematic of the service that James provides, (if you want to see more of James’ commitment then just grab the feed from the edublogs forum). More power to his arm.

\Captain James\

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One Response to Well Blogger Me James

  1. James Farmer says:

    LOL 🙂 I’ve never been cartoon-ised before 🙂

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