Whither The Filter Now Minister?

Today I came across reference to the latest installment in the Great Australian Internet Filter. Earlier this year I posted about the feeling of disappointment I had in receiving word from the government internet safety body that an exciting initiative they were developing was being put on the backburner because our federal communications minister wanted to devote greater effort to setting up and Australia wide internet filtering option. This disappointment was compounded today when I read in the local zdnet service that though the minister was still pressing ahead with the project, that there had once again been significant delays in its implementation.

More telling even than the admission by the minister that

“Each report has found significant problems with content filter products operating at the ISP-level ….”

is the discussion in the reader’s comments.  One of the more interesting relates of an experience in China where they are

“…. an Australian computer tech currently living in China. I am reading the comparisons to the Great FireWall of China with interest. Does anyone realise how easy it is to get around, using programs such as TOR (tor.eff.org)? For me, it is a just a minor inconvenience as many blogging sites are blocked, but I have full access to pretty much anything else I want to look at. “

Of course I had to check out Tor and yep it was so easy.  Even my students could handle it if they wished and the rest of us would never know. Better that they are exposed to responsible internet behavior than feel they have to use services such as Tor at least that’s my take on things.

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