Mash Mushed

Oh dear my head hurts and the scroll wheel on my mouse is just about worn out. I’ve just scrolled through another of the megalists of tools from Mashable. This time they cover the topic of the Online Media God with some 400+ annotated resources and tools. It was re-assuring to see some familiar tools that this humble little blogger uses such as perennials like Audacity and Flickr and Zamzar reviewed favourably, (it sort of validates your choices). It was also slightly alarming to realize that there were so many other offerings out there to choose from.

Whilst choice is important it can be bewildering also and is just another reason for some I am sure to throw up their hands in anguish and say it is all too hard to get into. Check out the list though, if only to see how long it takes for you to get to the bottom of the screen.


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