Security To Room 12

Well it had to happen and so it was today when we finally hit the wall of security, not once but twice within the hour. The first alert came via a comment from our new NZ friend Allanah and the great kids at Moturoa . As suggested to our students, a couple of them had gone across the ditch to check out and comment on the Moturoa kid’s blogs in the hope that they might get some commentary in reverse. Well things went well one way but when the kiwi kids tried to return the favour they were stymied because on our blog we have a Challenge question that relies on local knowledge. We might as well have put up a brick walls. At least Allanah is savvy enough to know what the problem was and sent back a comment straight away. An email has been sent and hopefully things will begin to flow both ways soon.

Well having sorted this out I had thought that at least we would be able to check out the comments on the Moturoa site. Alas the security bogey hit again as the screen filled with the message that access to blogger accounts from within the school are banned, argghhh,. So much for anticipation and building up momentum, hmmm.

By the way hearty congratulations to the Moturoa kids who have just clocked up 10,000 hits, fabulous work, Kia Ora.

Keeping Kiwis Out

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3 Responses to Security To Room 12

  1. AllanahK says:

    We will get there in the end- in NZ we just ring up our watchdog and we can get them to unblock particular sites.

    Another workaround may be to comment through our blogmeister blog.

    I have transferred a couple of comments over there to individuals already.


  2. I hope that you have sorted out your Aus v NZ security problem πŸ™‚ watching from Wales πŸ™‚ Paul H

  3. johnp says:

    Aha Paul,
    Kiwis are easier to mollify than those fire breathing dragons methinks πŸ™‚
    Cheers John P
    PS 5am is a little early for a meeting no matter how Flash on a midweek school day, will have to catch up next time, have fun.

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