Animated Mathematically and Teacher Tubed


Cruising around in TeacherTube earlier on I came across an interesting, (on a number of levels), video dealing with maths. Welcome to Math Videos Online is a video dealing with proportion in word problems. It uses a rather cute animation to introduce the video, (though this is the only time we see the animation aspect). As an aside I would love to know the application that was used to make the animation, maybe I’ll ask the author??

Anyway the interesting aspects;

  • TeacherTube is getting quite extensively populated now but as content increases it is getting increasingly tricky to find what you want. Even though I had seen this video only a day before it took me some time to re-locate it.
  • There are so many videos featuring on teaching concepts being developed in lots of interestingly creative ways by classroom based teachers which is really neat. This means that other teachers and students have an increasing, (albeit with the restraints on search highlighted above), access to information about concepts.
  • The use of TeacherTube to back reference to websites, in this case Math Video Online, which again provides evidence of the “flattening” of the education world.

You might like to check out Doina’s blog as well.

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