Demanding Students

Don’t you love it when your students start to put pressure on you. Just prior to the break I suggested to our senior students that if they wanted to look for assistance with their passion project blogs they should feel free to email me with their queries. Imagine my surprise when one of the girls sent me an email alerting me to the fact that she had a couple of Comments pending approval on her blog.  Naturally I was onto it straight away and the very complimentary comments, (I can see why she was after them), were soon on Emma’s blog.

The very next day I had another email to deal with. This one was even more interesting. I had previously shown off the Clustrmap associated with this blog. The student, Leo had noted it and decided if it was good enough for me to have one, he should too. He even suggested he would wait for school to resume before doing something about it. Well sure enough almost as soon as he entered our room Leo made a beeline to see what could be done. Alas I didn’t have the time given the usual start of term hustle and bustle to get the job done, though every time I looked like heading for my laptop, Leo was on my shoulder. It’s nice when the students start to take charge :).

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5 Responses to Demanding Students

  1. AllanahK says:

    I am on leave for all of this term to care for my elderly mother and I am really pleased a group of my 8-9 year olds are doing the same thing. Through blogging I am able to keep up with what is going on and give them tips- see what they have done so far by linking through our class blog. Look for Elliott, Kieran, Nathan, Shania and Nicole – they would love some Aussie encouragement I am sure.

  2. johnp says:

    Hi Allanah,
    I have passed on details of your blog to a few of my more savvy bloggers so hopefully some comments will flow, (I shall check back with the students after a few days). Leo has his Clustrmap so he will no doubt be looking for comments in the reverse direction across the ditch :). Hopefully things will work themselves out with your mum, even though this online stuff is pretty neat, in the end you just can’t get anything like one to one personal contact with those who mean so much to us. All the best,

  3. Kim Pericles says:

    My class really embraced blogging over the holidays as well! There were a couple of requests for clarification of the holiday project, a few calls to help restore personal blog themes, some happy exchanges of holiday news, and catch ups with students from last year who had moved on to High School 🙂
    The ease and speed of connecting with the class during the holidays, and the fact that the class was willing and able to access this connectivity is really exciting.The younger students in my class (year 4 and 5 students) have been blogging for 6 months while the older kids (Year 6s) have been blogging for 9 months yet all are using the opportunity to connect with each other and me in purposeful ways.

  4. johnp says:

    Hi Kim,
    I just looked in at your AllStars blog, really neat stuff, I can really see why your students are so willing to be connected whenever and wherever. This is the real sleeper of all this Web 2.0 stuff that students and teachers can work in an anywhere anytime framework.

    Like with Allanah’s students above, I shall be passing on your class blog’s URL to our students as I am really pushing the need to read and be more connected in order to advance their own blogging. If you wish to check out our work, (I’ll blog about this in a day or so), you can find our blogs aggregated on our PageFlakes at .

    Say I also have a proposition I would like to ask you about via email. Could I get you to send me your email contact via an email to my email jpearce(at)pipeline(dot)com(dot)au, (just replace the at with the @ etc :).
    John P

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