Multiplying the Intelligence

Last night I had the distinct pleasure to dine out with and meet face to face another fellow Aussie the redoubtable Sue Waters. Now Sue has blogged about the dinner discussion herself but even though we had never met before last night it was so easy to find things to chat, (nay engage in quite deep discussion) about. From comparing our perceptions on whether there is a blogging continuum and where we both felt we were along it, to sharing resources and horror stories about the institutional impediments to the sharing of our knowledge with the wider educational community, it was remarkable how our views converged. This despite the fact that Sue works at the very opposite end of the educational spectrum to me, (she in tertiary and I in primary). Overall it was thoroughly enjoyable evening and the food was pretty nice too.

Having spent a rather restless night, (I had to do a presentation today), it was off to take in another excellent presentation this time from Howard Gardner of multiple intelligences fame. Howard took us through a potted history of the derivation of intelligence measures before exploring his premise of multiple intelligences. He likened the typical view of intelligence metaphorically as a single multi-purpose computer which contrasted to his view of MI where the brain is viewed as made up of a range of specific purpose computers some of which function better than others. While we all have these intelligences, (or computers), no two people ever operate at the same level on each, even identical twins. He suggested that contrary to what some adherents suggest, MI doesn’t suggest what should be done in education but rather what shouldn’t be done. He concluded that MI was not an educational end in itself but more a means to a goal.

After a qucik exit is was over to the room where I was to present my session about blogs, social bookmarking, RSS, wikis, and podcasts. Well 45 minutes was way too short a time to do any of this justice and as it was I really didn’t get past the first three before time ran out. I had prepared a CD however that had links to lots of information about each so hopefully that will assist them get started at least. Of real interest in the room of 20+ participants,  (a small number in itself), only one participant had had experience of blogs et al. Interesting indeed.

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2 Responses to Multiplying the Intelligence

  1. Sue Waters says:

    Not surprised by the lack of experience with Web 2.0 as I am from Perth but how does that compared to when you do sessions in Victoria. Do you find that only a couple in the room have any knowledge?


  2. johnp says:

    Hi Sue,
    I have to admit that in the sessions I have done over east I usually find that there are slightly more people, (four or five in a group of twenty plus), in the room who have some knowledge of and experience with either blogs or wikis. But then again these conferences are usually IT based as opposed to this one being primarily science based. It just goes to show that it is still very much early days as far as all this Web2.0 and classroom adoption goes.
    Cheers John

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