Thanks to Kiwi blogger Rachel I have found out that I’m addicted, (though not as seriously as her 80% rating 🙂 ).

Check out your rating at Mingle2.

Speaking of addiction I was up in Melbourne talking to the office folk who run the Science Teachers Association of Victoria, STAV today. I was trying to sell the virtues of Joomla, Moodle and Elluminate. Now I have to admit that though I have played with each of the latter two,  I could hardly be called knowledgeable. As for Joomla, well at least I know how to spell it. Despite this lack of working knowledge I have enough appreciation of each to know that they can meet a number of ideals that association has.

We are looking to engage our members more in discussion and sharing and creation of content. Experience with Moodle suggests that it will better suit our purposes than existing email based lists. We need to come up with other ways to deliver professional development over distance to multiple venues, my wife’s experiences with Elluminate  suggest that in spite of the significant costs involves it may again meet our needs. The association also has a web space managed at a distance but are looking to a space where content can be more easily added and manipulated from the office. Joomla could meet this requirement.

How did I come to these conclusions, well mainly from what I heard on a recent episode of Chris Betcher’s Virtual Classroom? In Episode 10 Chris chats with

” …….Rob Ruberry and Jason Hando, two Australian teachers that have a good deal of experience with such Open Source tools as Joomla, Mambo and Moodle. They discuss how these tools could fit into your school and about the pros and cons of Open Source software generally.”

Check out the episode and see if you reached the same conclusions I have. I would also love to hear from any readers with personal experiences with any or all of these tools too.

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5 Responses to Blogaddiction

  1. Chris Betcher says:

    G’day John. Glad to hear that Jase and Rob heped clarify some thinking for you. They made some good points I think.
    See you at the Noosa Conference… 🙂

  2. Rachel Boyd says:

    I have used Elluminate a couple of times when I have been included in discussions as a participant or a speaker – so I have not had to pay for it yet… and the cost is a big turn off. Elluminate is, however, pretty amazing and very user friendly. I like the way you can show people web pages through it and they can actually interact and browse through the pages themselves.

    Sheryl N-B [ ]uses Elluminate a lot and it appears to be one of her favourites – so she might be a good one to call on for more info (plus I’m sure you can get a free trial of Elluminate)

    Sorry, I have not tried Moodle or Joomla so cannot compare.

    Cheers, Rachel

    PS – remember you are only 9% behind me in your addiction 😉

  3. johnp says:

    Hi Rachel,

    The cost of Elluminate is one HUGE consideration however you are correct they do have a special free space called the V room where you can have three seats or computers logged in. I have given this a try and it works pretty nicely. My wife’s employer has a 10 seat licence, (recently upgraded to 25 because the sessions have been so successful), so I can also use this to test things out. Apparently the Australian distributors are also willing to give assistance where they can to get things happening.

    Another alternative for us may be to do a deal with other state STA’s to share the facility. Options indeed.

  4. Alex Miller says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m 81% addcited and for that, I’m putting you on my Blogroll!!!


  5. Rob Ruberry says:


    Gotta love Open Source software. They have such a great support community.

    Happy to discuss Joomla further with you if you’re interested.

    Keep up the great work… your blog is an inspiration to teachers around the nation.


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