The Video’s In The Jug

Via Sue Waters comes a pointer to another great video repository, videojug. A rapidly growing video repository videojug has numerous videos many of which are potentially useful for the classroom, specially in the science area. Teachers may need to be careful in allowing student unfettered access to the site however as some of the other videos on the site may not be as suitable for students. As Sue says there are some very tongue in cheek guides here to some stranger pursuits, the quality though is really good. Videojug also looks for submissions on future topics. One neat option I will definitely have to try out is to download a video to my iPod.

Via the WWWEDU list too comes the great news that Bernie Dodge has done a makeover of the site. As Bernie says in his email,

“The original WebQuest site at SDSU and the portal at have been falling into disrepair lately. Things were hard to find, links were going bad, and the whole site had a turn of the century look to it. All that is changed as of today.”

Definitely worth a look if you are a webquest newbie or even a well established ‘quest’ aficionado.

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