Tristan Makes A Monkey Out Of The Survey

Checking through the numerous student passion project blogs last night I was taken by the developing diversity in the way that the students are going about their work. A number are being proactive and reading and commenting on their classmates’ blogs in the anticipation that their peers will reciprocate and read their’s, (very perceptive). A couple have also begun to add digital images.

I was really interested when I read Tristan’s blog though. His passion is computer games and as part of his work he developed a post that asked his readers to make a comment that indicated their game preference from a list. As I read it the post said survey, survey.As a result I took it upon myself to head over to SurveyMonkey and set up a simple poll. Tristan was most impressed when I showed the survey off in the lab session today

This week we also had the half year parent-student interviews a chance for the students to showcase their work to their parents. I was really taken aback though in one interview in particular when one of the parents asked if his daughter had told us about her movies. I very quizzically said no to which his daughter said ‘Dad, you said you wouldn’t say anything about that’. Fortunately her dad persisted and told me that said daughter was part of a little group who was using iMovie to make all sorts of DVD movies. This was all news to me and caused me to ponder quite a bit after.

In the school I have rightly or wrongly, the reputation for doing interesting things with technology. A number of students do seek me out to chat about things ICT yet here was one of my own class doing something that the class should have known about and I had no idea. The experience points up two divergent but complimentary points;

  • I just wonder why students who are doing things/using tools that we teachers should know about don’t share their experiences,
  • I wonder what happens to students who do wish to share these experiences but find teachers who don’t have the knowledge to appreciate the learning and effort behind their work.

Speaking about sharing, on each of our student blogs I have included a page of ‘The Rules Rule’ for using the blogs, (I have put a copy in my Box files). Checking the feeds tonight I came across another recent Aussie classroom based blog startup. I smiled to myself to see our little list reproduced word for word, (even down to the Grandma rule), as a guide for the students. Good stuff.

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