Threaded Voices

Via Pete Mackay from the teacherlist comes this really exciting looking tool called VoiceThread. VoiceThread is a means of publishing images to the web in a folder format that includes either spoken or written commentary. Most importantly VoiceThread also enables viewers to add their own commentary to the ‘thread’. The best news of all is the following….

“Creating VoiceThreads will always be free for educators and the students that fill their classrooms.”

In tune with this education friendly policy the good folk at VoiceThread have provided a simple to use information page, (printable version included), for teachers. One minor problem at the moment is that though the VoiceThread provides an embed that you can put in your blogs, the venerable that this blog uses strips out any flash based swf embeds so I have to content myself with the image link below for you to click on and check out. 😦


For something slightly more indicative of the potential here check out Kevin Jarrett’s SecondLife presentation and student Zoe Farrell’s Global Warming thread. Interesting….

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