I Want Some Readers

A couple of posts back I got a comment from a new blogger. The request was for advice on how to get readers to read and comment on her blog. As most of us want to feel that at the very least someone is reading our musings and are much more inclined to communicate wider when conversation ensues this seems a reasonable request. Very quickly off the top of my head, I constructed the following reply.

Nice to have another new member to the fastest growing part of the internet, the blogosphere. Now that is part blessing and part curse dependent on where you are coming from. The blessing is that there is so much support out here and growing. The curse is that there is so much content out here and growing. Getting yourself noticed is getting a little harder each day, but here goes a few tips.
* blog regularly and about things others want to know about,
* read other blogs and Comment on these and reference back to them in your posts, (not just by splogging or copying their posts but by reflecting on what they have to say),
* find others who have a similar interest, (eg others who have gotten a curriculum grant) and contact them by email or the like and let them know you are blogging,
* tell others on any email lists you are a member of,
* check out technorati for other blogs around the same theme,
* use tags on your posts,
* add a ClustrMap, (they’re free and you will be surprised with the results,
* be patient,
* even if you don’t get a whole heap of readers all at once, don’t lose heart for if you don’t get too many readers if at all in a few months you will find by reading back over your posts that at the very least you will have been on a wonderful personal learning journey.

What tips would others offer Amy????

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One Response to I Want Some Readers

  1. I think you’ve covered things well, John.

    I’ve learnt in past months how crucial it is to read and comment on other peoples’ blogs. We can’t forget the social element of Web 2.0 tools – if we want people to read our blogs, we must be prepared to reciprocate. This may mean we have to take the first step.

    If you have Flickr photos, box files, etc. that can also be linked up to/shown in widgets on your blog, that may also give people other avenues of finding their way to your work.

    Even if you don’t get many readers, it is worth it for the learning journey involved. I know a number of my personal thoughts have been developed through the opportunity to express ideas through blogging.

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