Feeding The Steps

As the reports have been submitted for checking it is time to get back to some serious ‘feeding’ though stepping back onto the ‘feedline’ after a few days off can be a bit daunting. First there is the sheer number of post to filter through, (it seems almost all the feeds have gone bold indicating a ‘need to read’). Next is the need to backtrack to re-establish the continuity that often flows between the posts of many bloggers, (if you divert from the flow for even a couple of days it can be a little tricky to really find exactly where they are coming from). Next problem is the multiplicity of tabs and windows that cascade through the right hand pointing arrow on the right top corner of the browser, (I’m a very disorganised browser clicking new tabs at will). Finally there’s the prioritising problem; which post to read in depth and which to guiltily ‘red x to the ‘marked as read’ pile.

Finally the feeds are clear and I feel I can write again. Reading through the feeds though it was interesting to find an unknown reference to one of our school presences. Clarence Fisher was musing on whether to head down the Pageflakes or the iGoogle route. As a novel Pageflakes user I was interested in reading what others had contributed to the conversation, (plus make a contribution of my own). Imagine my surprise when amongst the commentary was reference to our Senior Unit Flake place, fascinating especially when most of the staff at our school know nothing of it.

Speaking of school, our school website is being renovated, (the first time in more than 8 years). In the discussion around the update I had made a number of submissions that we should go down the Web 2.0 portal route. I suggested Mabryonline as a possible model however the idea of blogs and all that entails was considered too radical and not as aesthetically pleasing as soft toned html. The latter is now ready for release. It was fascinating to chat with the teacher charged with guiding the project, (I was not considered suitable for the task), that a single blog was attached to the site. It was even more interesting to see that the web developer had taken the easy route by setting up a WordPress.com blog as our news port. Ah well, at least there is one blog formally sanctioned by the school, (actually there are a few others about as one of the prep class teachers has gotten up a class blog with another working on one, both as a result of a school based workshop I had conducted). Small steps but also big ones too
In another small but significant move a group of other teachers wanted to get into using the iPods for recording. I suggested that it would arguably be better to have the students record direct to the computer using Audacity. Somehow they managed to grab the tech support person to set up the program in their rooms and today the grade 1-2’s scripted and recorded commentary for their PowerPoint slide presentations on recycling. Now all I have to do is get them working with PhotoStory or Slideshare or SplashCast or some other presentation format that can be embedded in a blog to get really connected.

To test things out here is an old PowerPoint that I have very quickly remodeled for my first SplashCast, what do you think?

[splashcast SBLL7275SC]

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  1. This is really, really, cool!

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