Am I, (Are You), Hung Up On Technology?

This week in my fave paper, The Age, Graeme Philipson wrote a thought provoking article about technology addiction titled All Hung Up On Technology. The premise of the article is that many of us are more motivated by Technology Envy Syndrome (TES) than looking at how we are making the technology serve out needs. It asks the question whether many “users” are more concerned with keeping up with the latest and whether we should even really be trying to keep up with the latest. In conclusion Philipson exhorts us to ….

“Throw off the shackles! Liberate yourself from the bonds of Technology Envy Syndrome! Do something exciting, like playing a game of Solitaire with a real deck of cards!

The world will still be here tomorrow.”

Speaking of how things can get in the way of our blogging Paul Harrington’s post about his blog going into tick over mode because he is having to do reports really struck a chord. Over this last month or so, (it really feels like a lifetime), I too have been involved in this rather draining process. I am not sure how it works in other jurisdictions but having to write report comments is one of the more onerous and sometimes odious tasks I and my colleagues seem to have to do. It can be even more so than making a blog post, (and that can be overly considered at times).

It seems almost every syllable has to be mulled over in these times of hyperaccountability.

  • Did the student use full stops consistently and
  • What constitutes consistency at this level and
  • Where was he ranked last year and
  • How can I say he hasn’t really made significant progress in a positive manner and
  • Will the student open up his book at his interview to the only page that will refute my conclusions and how can be specific in a generalized way?

It’s a real tightrope and I can see why Paul has been blogging in the interim in spite of his expressed desire to get the reports done. As is obvious if you check back through the date stamps on the posts below I have used posting as a diversion from report writing more than once over this last month. Hmmm.

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2 Responses to Am I, (Are You), Hung Up On Technology?

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  2. I am also not very well disciplined – and will drift back to the internet at the earliest opportunity as you can see, even though I have not finished report writing !!!!
    I got into a series of discussions as a virtual friend at a conference in Alabama and got asked to write a piece for NAACE here in the UK – some hope of going into tick-over : ) Paul H

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