Keeping In Touch

Our Assistant Principal came back to school today. Not a lot surprising in that I hear you say. Ah but then she has been off for some 8 weeks in New York working in all manner of excitingly different schools offering advice on and engaging in educational coaching. Before she left I helped her set up her first blog so that she could keep the folks at home informed of her travels. It was great to check in every now and then to see what she was up to. It was even better to hear that not only did the AP learn how easy it was to blog but that her mum back home had her first blogging experience as well, (though only as a reader). Seems the AP’s mum had designated Tuesday as Blog day when she joined some of her friends down at the local community centre to read the latest updates from the Big Apple. The AP, (as were her mum’s friends), was most impressed with how she embraced the technology.

Another family from my room also came back today from a fortnight in Singapore and Thailand. As a quasi “travel task”, I had also set up a blog for my student. Though he had some problems accessing a computer in the latter part of the trip, he did manage to complete an interesting record of his experiences that at least some of his classmates engaged with.

Another family has also set off for an extended visit to the UK and Europe during the week but this time I decided a GetJealous site might better suit them. It was very pleasant to log on tonight and find a couple of chatty entries from the girls letting us know about the trip to EuroDisney. (Seems that they too have had computer problems but now they are online again, let the communication begin.)

To round out our day, (though it is not totally ready yet), we unveiled our Senior Unit Pageflakes to all the unit. I was more than pleased with the reaction of the students. I was further impressed to find a whole new clutch of Comments waiting for moderation in response to our puzzler site in answer to the next round of puzzles.

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4 Responses to Keeping In Touch

  1. Fraser says:

    nice work

  2. Amy Kenyon says:

    I am new to the blogging world and trying to get other elementary teachers (like myself) to read and comment on my blog. Any advice?


  3. johnp says:

    Hi Amy,

    Nice to have another new member to the fastest growing part of the internet, the blogosphere. Now that is part blessing and part curse dependent on where you are coming from. The blessing is that there is so much support out here and growing. The curse is that there is so much content out here and growing. Getting yourself noticed is getting a little harder each day, but here goes a few tips.
    * blog regularly and about things others want to know about,
    * read other blogs and Comment on these and reference back to them in your posts, (not just by splogging or copying their posts but by reflecting on what they have to say),
    * find others who have a similar interest, (eg others who have gotten a curriculum grant) and contact them by email or the like and let them know you are blogging,
    * tell others on any email lists you are a member of,
    * check out technorati for other blogs around the same theme,
    * use tags on your posts,
    * add a ClustrMap, (they’re free and you will be surprised with the results,
    * be patient,
    * and even if you don’t get a whole heap of readers all at once, don’t lose heart for if you do follow some of the tips above in a few months you will have been on a wonderful learning journey just for yourself.

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