Webolution Too?

Maybe we have got all this Web 2.0 stuff wrong after all? In a recent edition of BBC online there is a report on a recent Web 2.0 conference organised by Nomades Advanced Technologies Interactive Workshops (NATIW) in Geneva. The evolution of the web suggest that far from being a new iteration that

“The original slogan was always to have a web that was easy to write as it was to read,” said Robert Cailliau of the World Wide Web Consortium.”

The article then goes on to discuss why businesses are keen to tap into the connectivism that whatever Web 2.0 is offers as well as reporting on other developments that encourage people to interact even more.

On the theme of evolution, over at James’ Incsub there is also some Big News. James has taken the plunge, given notice at his newspaper job and is now going to devote 100% of his working time, (talking to him recently that appears to be close to 24 hours per day 7 days a week). Despite an horrendous day recently for edublogs James’ move to full time will be great news for all of the more than 76,000 bloggers, (and climbing at over 1100 per week), who now use his blogging services. Though we don’t use edublogs directly, (I have some getting started with edublogs notes in my Box.net), we have got more than 120 globalstudent blogs which James manages for our Education Department.

Speaking of our blogs I was, (ever so nicely), put back in my place by one of my students today re a blog post. We have finally last week inaugurated our Senior Puzzler blog as an alternative fun homework task. On of the puzzles is a Name the Pic puzzle. The idea is that the students check out a picture on the site and suggest what it might be via the Comments. I hold the Comments for a week before releasing them all at once when we announce the winner. I have just uploaded the next image when tonight I got the following message from one of my students.

“Hi MrP,
Sorry but when you run the cursor over the “pic” it says the answer! So it’s a bird’s eye view of a person wearing a Mexican hat riding on a bike!thanks for the answer”


Touché …………………..

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