Pity ‘Bout The SerendiPity

Oh don’t you love it when you click the Publish button to go off to do a bit of a feed read and realize that you should have paused on that post a little longer. Actually this time it was a little bit after I pressed the Publish button that I realised that because I should be writing my student’s reports, (even now), I had missed the importance of an unread feed. This feed was from the good folk at Common Craft who were pleased to advise that they had just completed another neat video in the ‘In Plain English” series this time on Wikis. Check it out at YouTube or Blip.tv as besides being innovative it is also very easy to understand. Another interesting adjunct to the video is that within 2 days of release,  it has already been translated into four languages. Building on their experiences with the RSS In Plain English, the Common Craft folk are using a service called Dotsub to enable dubbing in variable formats. Cool and very generous of them.

Oh and to top things off, I read the CC feed 20 minutes after emailing a colleague who had made enquiries about wikis and how and what use they are :). Oh, (and on the theme of wikis and even though I have yet to really explore it in any great depth), have a look in at The Academy Of Discovery wiki. Interesting.

And to top things off in the safety stakes comes a link via David Warlick from Joe Kidd to an article that asserts not unsurprisingly that The Internet Is Safer Than It Seems. The article provides a very rational alternative reflection on a number of studies into teenage and others use of online spaces.

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