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Up And Down Blog Insertions

Last week I showed the senior grades VoiceThread and SplashCast and suggested that they might like to think about using these type of tools to showcase their “Passion Projects”. I was really impressed today when one of the other grade … Continue reading

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Think U Know, Well Maybe Not?

Sometimes you have to wonder about how things align. Down here in Australia we are in the run up to an election later in the year. As always politicians are apt to reach for the populist option and this time … Continue reading

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The Video’s In The Jug

Via Sue Waters comes a pointer to another great video repository, videojug. A rapidly growing video repository videojug has numerous videos many of which are potentially useful for the classroom, specially in the science area. Teachers may need to be … Continue reading

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Tristan Makes A Monkey Out Of The Survey

Checking through the numerous student passion project blogs last night I was taken by the developing diversity in the way that the students are going about their work. A number are being proactive and reading and commenting on their classmates’ … Continue reading

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Expressing Concerns

Every now and then the frustrations all converge. After a couple of weeks of intermittent internet problems at school it is time to make a stand. Having setup all 116 student blogs, for the past 2 weeks we have had … Continue reading

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Who Knows What You Clicked Down And Dirty Last Night

A couple of cautionary tales have come by way of our two major state daily newspaper about the erosion of privacy that is accompanying our ability to interact more intimately with the world. Down and Dirty written by the National … Continue reading

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Threaded Voices

Via Pete Mackay from the teacherlist comes this really exciting looking tool called VoiceThread. VoiceThread is a means of publishing images to the web in a folder format that includes either spoken or written commentary. Most importantly VoiceThread also enables … Continue reading

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Intrusive Commentary

Reading another fascinating article from the New York Times via the Age titled OMG, mum’s joined Facebook! I was prompted to wonder on how far we as teachers can “intrude” on our student’s spaces without violating them. In the article … Continue reading

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I Want Some Readers

A couple of posts back I got a comment from a new blogger. The request was for advice on how to get readers to read and comment on her blog. As most of us want to feel that at the … Continue reading

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Feeding The Steps

As the reports have been submitted for checking it is time to get back to some serious ‘feeding’ though stepping back onto the ‘feedline’ after a few days off can be a bit daunting. First there is the sheer number … Continue reading

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