Back To The Future, Slow Down

Speaking the other day at the ICTEV conference with Jo McLeay we ruminated on the need to ensure that as bloggers we remembered that most of our teaching colleagues were not yet members of the blogosphere. Sometimes in our enthusiasm to keep up with the latest app or mashup we can forget where we have come from and the journey needed to get there. With this in mind it is important to do the odd post every now and then that takes us back down the continuum in order to “connect on their level” with those who have just begun the journey.

With this thought still in my head it was great to read the latest post from John Johnston. Starting Blogging in the Classroom recognizes that so many teachers come along to blogging workshops, enthusiastically get a blog up and running but then let it wither away because they don’t have a clear strategy for using it in the classroom. In this post John tackles this issue head on by relating the steps he has used over time to involve his students and others in making blogs work for them. As he says the steps are still a work in progress and not totally definitive however they are based on a proven record for getting things happening. Reading over the steps one could have sworn that I had used John’s work in getting things happening at our school. Check it out…

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1 Response to Back To The Future, Slow Down

  1. Great post.

    When we start a new blog , we need the support of veteran bloggers. Unfortunately, most veteran don’t want to associate with newbies because the veterans are worried about such as page ranking. I understand that everyone want to get ahead but the blogosphere is suppose to be a supportive community. Maybe I am too optimistic.

    Thank for shedding light on the issue.

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