Solving Bubbles By Podcasting

As if there aren’t enough things out there to get my head around, just as I should be writing and doing other tasks like get ready for the PD sessions I am down to do at the ICTEV conference next Saturday, three more interesting Web 2.0 related “toys” have come into distract me. (Now that could be another reason for other teachers not to get involved in blogs etc, (see previous post), that reason being that there are just too many of these things to get my head around so I can’t possibly keep up.)

Via Will Richardson comes a link to a great guide on podcasting with an emphasis on education. Though it covers a lot of territory and is more aimed at the higher ed arena, this very generous guide has lots of information presented in a very accessible manner.

Another fascinating site for the concept involved is the Beta AskSolver. The idea behind the site is that if you have a problem why not share it communally. Alternatively if you are a problem solver then you can join the community to contribute your skills. Questions are tagged and you are encouraged to use images to make the solving easier.

If you are looking to better organize your problems then Bubble-Mind offers another alternative to other online concept mapping tools. Again it appears to be a beta product still in development and the Help/FAQ page is a little sparse, once you get into it, making a map is pretty straight forward. Oh the accompanying Blog is written in French which is a bit of challenge for non francais.

Here’s a quicky I knocked up earlier on……


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