A Colourful Post

Via Doug Belshaw, (and then back to justsome) comes news that if you are a wordpress blog user then you can now post in colour just like I am doing now.

(Actually if I saw my students doing what I have just done then I would be speaking very firmly into their little “shell-likes” so apologies for inflicting the colour blitz on you.) The reason for the colour etc is to pass on the news that if you are using Firefox on Windows, you can use the Alt+Shift+V combination, (or if you use Internet Explorer on Windows you need to use Alt+V), to open up a second row on the visuals editor toolbar. If you are a Mac user with Firefox as your browser then you can use the Ctrl-V combination, (unfortunately it doesn’t work on Safari). There are some other goodies on the toolbar as well as the colour option as shown below



Whilst the toolbar additions do give a little more flexibility, I’m not totally sure that I would like to see too many more options appear. One of the joys of the current blog interface is that because the students I work with have less options to work with then they tend to concentrate on the content a little more. Even at grade 6, when let loose on Word processing, most students will spend the majority of time on formatting, (often making their work less appealing and/or legible) to the detriment of the content.


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